Trust your Training

Experience is the best teacher. There are no shortcuts in running. You get results based on the amount of effort you put into training. I should know this but again the lure of a quick fix was too tempting. I experienced this first hand at the DC Rock N Roll Marathon on 3/16/2013

I put in the effort and trained as best as I could. I increased mileage, did speed work and taper when I should. The day before race day the little voice in my head came up with a brilliant what if idea.  I adjusted my fueling plans to include a LOT of caffeine. 5 scoops of Hammer’s Caffe Latte Perpetuem powder to be exact.

I didn’t drink enough water to offset the amount of caffeine I was taking and end up severely dehydrated due to its diuretic effect. After mile 16 the dehydration took its toll and all my training was for naught. The last 10 miles was a death march and I somehow managed to finished.

I felt lightheaded and dizzy after the race and barely survived the metro ride home. At home I forced myself to drink and drink lots of water to re hydrate. It felt like a really bad hangover but luckily I am feeling much better now that I’ve slept it off and can eat again.

The splits from my Garmin are available @

Don’t be an idiot like me and save yourself the trouble of personally experiencing that level of dehydration. Race as you train and don’t fall for any last minute self-guided gimmicks no matter how convincing it sounds.

Once I am fully recover I will start training for the Bob Potts marathon on 5/26. I will take my own advice this time and race as I train.

70 days and counting!