My new philosophy for 2014 is to NOT break. Be it in running or life. Looking back I definitely notice a trend in races that I perform well and horribly bad at. It all boils down to mental tenacity. That inner struggle at mile 22 of a marathon or 62  of an ultra where you’re nearly at your limit and you start doubting your ability to finish. At this point you either break and call it quit or push through and finish strong.

To be honest I’ve broke a lot more than I would like to admit. I’ve only pushed through 3 times in my racing history. Everyone one of those races, it wasn’t the training that made the difference. It was the mental resiliency to push through in spite of the external factors i.e. pain, cramps etc. This year I would like to make a conscious effort to push through both in training and races. Hopefully this will catch on in my other endeavors.


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