40 minute 10K Barrier

In my 4th year with MCRRC’s Speed Development Program I finally broke through the 40 minute 10K barrier. Under the tutelage of coach Tom Brennan and motivations from my XMP buddies, Tien, Victor & Zach we put in the work each and every Tuesdays on the track. At times the workouts were so gut wrenching that I have a hard time keeping my lunch down.

It all came down to April 21st 2013 at the Kaiser Permanente Pikes Peek 10K. Having ran the Bull Run Run 50 miler the the week before I was realistic with my goal and aimed for sub 40. I wasn’t sure what kind of pace I could maintain but resolved to give it my best effort. I knew I didn’t have the legs to keep up with Tien & Zach so I started with Victor, we have similar goals and he’s not going all out because he’s running the Gettysburg marathon next Sunday.

We only needed to average 6:26 per mile to make our goal. We got through mile 1 in 6:17 I felt good and settled into that pace. Mile 2 clicked off in 6:21 Before our race, Tom, our coach sent out a racing strategy for Pike’s Peek. He advised that we take the first 2 miles easy and should feel like we’re holding back a bit. The next 2 miles we should try to settle into our goal pace and for the last 2 give it all we got. The finish is a downhill sprint so its a great opportunity to make up any lost time.

We went through mile 3 in 6:20 This is when I realized that I just ran a 5K PR. This is either a really good day or its disaster up ahead. Surprisingly by this point my legs was still feeling fresh. We went through mile 4 in 6:19 Tricia volunteered at mile 4 passing out water and  cheering on runners. As I approached mile 4 I saw her smiling at me and it brought a huge grin to my face. My legs felt rejuvenated.  Mile 5 was a bit hilly and we made it out in 6:24 I realized our pace was slowing down so I made a point to pick it back up. Seeing Tricia was the exact motivation I needed to push harder and give it my all to break 40 minutes. I believe she cheered a bit louder just for me 🙂

I went through mile 6 in 6:15, my fastest split yet. The  great thing about Pikes Peek is that the last .2 is a straight downhill finish. When I got to the traffic light I knew the downhill was coming so I gave it all I had left and sprint it in for a fast finish. 39:06 I was ecstatic. 2 PRs in the same race and surprisingly I didn’t fade at the end like I always do for most of my races.

My training and mileage was part of the equation but it was the camaraderie with the guys on the track that motivated me to run 2 PRs at the Pikes Peek 10K. I am excited for my 5th year with SDP. Who know what 2014 will bring but I am hoping it’ll be another 10k PR 🙂

Pikes Peek 10K Finish

Pikes Peek 10K Finish

Official results: http://www.mcrrc.org/pikes-peek-10k-5

Garmin splits http://connect.garmin.com/activity/301126698


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