I turned 30 yesterday. Its not bad. Tricia and I went out for dinner & a movie. We stayed out until 1AM. We are by no means night owls so its a very rare occasion for us to be out that late.

I spent my Sunday (birthday) morning @ the running trails in the Agricultural Farm History Park in Derwood Maryland trying to get in 15 miles so I can end my running year with my first ever 100 mile week.

2012 was a great running year for me. My total mileage for the year is 3034.36

There were ups and down but I managed to stay injury free and still running well into 2013.

For 2013 the goal is to be consistent and train hard to finish the Vermont 100 race.

2012 Mileage

2012 Mileage


2 thoughts on “30

  1. Hey Hai,

    I stumbled upon your blog while googling the Rock & Roll Marathon DC. You put up some crazy mileage! Good Job! How many pairs of shoes did you go through last year?

    Good luck with your 2013 training bro!

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