Run free

Micah True (Caballo Blanco – White Horse)  A great trail ultra runner of Born to Run fame passed away recently. His philosophy toward running was what inspired me to take up trail running.

There is a certain sense of primal simplicity in trailrunning that is very liberating. When I am on the trails, all of the daily toils and struggles are pushed out of my mind. Nothing is fighting for my attention, its purely just me and the trails ahead. Its an open invitation to go run, explore and connect with all that is around me.

I’ve been asked a lot of time whether it gets boring after spending 4-5 hours just running around in the woods. To me trailrunning is very invigorating, as I tend to thrive while exploring all that the trails has to offer. Its hard to explain to people that are not simpatico with my interests, most time I simply answer, “No.”

To a much greater extent, Micah True have live the life that I want to lead for myself. He lived on his own terms and truly embrace the notion of “run free”

Brian Metzler from Runner’s World wrote a great tribute to his life @

Run free!

Run free!


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