DC Rock & Roll Marathon 2012 Edition

There are certain perks to training for a 100 miler that’s not apparent until you decide to run a marathon with the mileage you were putting in. I find myself in this surprisingly wonderful predicament when I ran the DC Rock & Roll USA marathon on 3/17/2012.

Publicly I was telling my friends that I really want to break 3:30 because I came so close (3:31:19)  at the Wineglass marathon last October. But secretly I was training to break 3:20 I decided on starting the race and keeping to a 7:30 pace for as long as I can and hold on for dear life during the 2nd half. I know the smart thing to do would be to conserve energy in the first half and shoot for a negative split for a strong finish but that’s just not my style. Its either even splits or DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME HOLD ON pace.

The first half was mostly downhill and flat so I cruised along at a great pace and felt great. I managed to put a lot of time in the bank. The 2nd half was a different story. The weather got hotter and the hills kept coming. I used up all 6 of mu GUs and took about 10 salt pills. I still had issues with calves cramps around mile 18 but managed to keep it under control.  Things really got bad at mile 24 and 25 as I was clocking 8:23 for mile 24 and 8:26 for 25.

I am not sure what came over me but when I saw that there were only 1.2 mile left I decided to muster all the remaining energy I had left and make a push for it to finish line. I managed 7:33 for mile 26 and a 6:59 for the last .2 mile to finish in 3:19:33

I was elated to break my secret goal and PR by 11 minutes and 46 seconds since my last marathon.

The race conditions were not ideal and there were more hills than I care for but I was very glad to have finished.  Next up is learning to train smart (slow) and put in the miles so I can make it to the starting line @ Vermont. Maybe another marathon in May haha 🙂

Full mile splits available at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/158782568

The course was a bit long, around 26.59 miles.

Race result

My official race result for the DC Rock & Roll USA Marathon

Elevation Chart

Elevation Chart


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