Training Progress Report

2nd cycle

2nd cycle of 21 days of running and 2 days of rest.

I’ve made it through the 2nd cycle of my new training regiment. Had quite a scare in week 4 but luckily a little icing saved my season. Shin seem to be doing just fine, no ache or pain to speak of.

Week 5-7 were phenomenal. I diligently put in the miles and kept to the schedule. The back to back long runs were especially tough having to run on tired legs. I managed 82 miles in week 6. It’s the most miles I’ve ever ran in a week.

I am learning to finish strong on the long runs and the last 20 miler was the best finish yet. The last 5 miles were from 8 min/mile down to 6:57 min/mile. Full splits are available at

20 Mile Splits

20 mile splits

Next Saturday’s long run will be 14 miles to properly taper for the DC Rock & Roll Marathon on 3/17/2012. I am very excited about this race. Maybe, just maybe I can run a decent time with proper training and pacing.


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