Rapid Application Development

I am leading an effort to digitize all the paper trails at work into an online Documents Management System utilizing our proprietary software. The process is manageable but I ran into difficulties working with the metadata. Our format of choice is PDF and the scanner we have does a great job of capturing everything we need.

Currently after the documents are scanned I need to manually open up every individual PDF to verify scanned quality and rename the file with the correct metadata.

This will become problematic when the volume picks up. Luckily each of our document comes with a barcode and with the right software solutions I can read the barcode and extract the needed meta to automate the process.

I’ve looked around for some custom solutions and they all involved spending a hefty amount of $.  I’ve decided to build my own custom solutions via Visual Studio using C#.

Maybe I am taking on more than I can chew but what’s the point if its not hard 🙂 This will eat up a chunk of my time at work and hopefully I will come up with a viable solutions.

The idea is to extract the barcode information from the PDF and automatically rename the PDF with the extracted information. It would be great if the application support bulk processing of multiple PDFs at once. I need to start reading. Will post more progress update as I find my way around.


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