Speed kills!

Especially when training for endurance races. I went a little overboard on the 100m repeats at  track workout on Tuesday and almost reinjured my left shin. Wednesday morning was a big slap in the face reality check as my left shin was flaring up when I try to run a few steps. As a precaution I took Wednesday off and expected the worst.

That means another month off without any training. I iced it for about 30 minutes before going to sleep and hoping that it would recovery by Thursday morning.

Luckily the pain went away and I was able to resume my normal training. After taking 2 days off, 6 miles on the treadmill was rough. I struggled to cover 6.25 miles in 57 minutes.  I was extremely fortunate to get away with just RICE (Rest + ICE).

This is my recovery week. I am supposed to take it easy and NOT get hurt.

Slow & steady get you to the starting line. I need to beat this into my head and resist the urges to go all out. I know for sure next time I won’t be so lucky. Phew!

The lightning bolt

The lightning Bolt



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