Training Plan

I picked up a copy of Bryon Powell’s Relentless Forward Progress to gain some insights into training for my upcoming ultra in Vermont. True to its namesake this book is a gem for the ultra newbies. Spread within the book are essays from prominent ultra runners and their training philosophies.  I made some modifications to the 24 weeks 70 miles per week training plan for a 100 miler and keeping to the suggested mileage on weekends. The most important factor  is the Back to Back (B2B) long runs. Powell suggest a training regiment that slowly increase/maintain mileage in a 3 week period with 1 week recovery in between.

A 50 miler tune up race is also highly encourage to give the experience of experimenting with shoes, fueling and hydration. I will run the Bull Run Run 50 Miler on 4/14/2012 as my tune up race.

Last week I managed 54 miles and this week I put in 61. I got 1 more week of high mileage before I get a break in week 4. Next week the plan is to put in 40 miles on the weekend and enjoy the recovery week as it comes.

My training log

by Bryon Powell

Relentless Forward Progress


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