National Police Challenge 50K

This is my 2nd time running this race. Its part of our work team. Motorola is one of the main corporate sponsors for this event. Its put on by the USSS to  raise funds for Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) and H.E.R.O.E.S

There are 10 legs total and each of us run 5K. Last year I ran it in 22:40 I’ve been intently training hard this past winter to break 20 minute for the 5k and 40 minute for the 5K distance. To date I’ve attempted twice at the 10k and once at the 5k. So far, its been close but not quite there yet.

I was the 7th leg for this event. I know things were gonna be bad when I dart out at the start and I was leading all of mile one. I passed the first mile marker in 6:06 I realized this was too fast and I would pay for it in the next 2 mile. Sure enough, I got through mile 2 in 6:42 and mile 3 in 6:39 for a total time of 20:07 Which is 8 seconds off my goal.

I finished 3rd in my wave and managed to held off a final sprint by another runner at the end. It was a downhill finish and I sure wasn’t gonna just give it to him. It was an all out sprint to the mat and I kept my advantage.

Overall I was 49th out of 888 runners. Although I was disappointed for not starting out slow and pacing myself correctly to break 20 minutes I still felt it was my best effort so far. Onto the next race. There’s still summer, I will train harder. I will get the sub 20 5K and sub 40 10K yet.

2011 NPC Results

2011 NPC Results

Motorola Radio Racers


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