Nook Color

I am such a di. I returned my Kindle 3 and got a Nook Color instead. Why you ask? because the Nook Color is a cheap entry level tablet and thanks to the fine folks over at XDA I can root it and play Angry Birds on it. That alone is a good enough reason.

Go here to Root it first

Go here to learn how to get ADB working with your nook color to sideloads apps

Currently I have my nook color set up with Dropbox and Awesome drop so that I can install APKs over the air instead of dealing with ADB

This required a little hacking to enabled non market apps but once its done,  installing new apps is as easy as loading up Dropbox and using Astro File Manager to load the apk.

Good luck 🙂

on Facking Nook Color

lots of it

Nook Color Extras

facking Fruit Ninja

facking Fruit Ninja


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