a love affair with MCM

the things you say are hurtful,
but deep down I know its out of love,
You don’t criticize me for who I am,
You like me in spite of my flaws

Our first date went by so fast,
I  was sad it had to end,
5 hours and 8 minutes later,
We learned a lot of things about each other

Our 2nd date was just as  magical,
You knew about my fling with Baltimore,
You were forgiving and understanding,
Suddenly 4 hours and 9 minutes later
We were bestest pals again

I did it again, I cheated on you
I went to Scranton and hooked up with Steamtown
She was great, believed in the best of me
Our date only last 3 hours and 35 minutes
But she was deceitful,
By mile 23 she showed her true color

For our 3rd date, you played it coy
Pretended to know nothing of Steamtown,
I was still in a trance,
Believed I was better than I really am,
You toyed with me for 13 miles,
By mile 19 you told me how u really felt,

What I said at 21 was out of line,
You literally knocked me on my butt,
I had it coming
Our date was only 3 hours and 57 minutes

By now I finally realize the dynamics of our relationship,
Thanks for keeping me honest,
and believing that with the right effort,
I too can do the impossible


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