2010 Parks Half Marathon Race Report

What I learned: if you’re not in pain, you’re not racing.

Plain and simple.  Racing is pushing yourself to brink to see what your body is capable of. My goal for this race was to get a time of 1:40 or lower.  That’s about a 7:38 pace

I managed a 7:41 pace for a time of 1:40:33

The last time I race this course was in 2008 and I did it in 1:59:57 at a pace of 9:09 per mile.

Although I missed my goal by about 34 seconds I did manage to shave 19:24 off my time for a shiny new PR 🙂

The strange thing is that toward the end the pace was comfortable, I felt that I could keep it for a lot longer. Maybe I didn’t go all out as hard as I could’ve. Call me crazy but I’ve decided to see if I can keep up a 7:45 pace during my Steamtown marathon on 10/10/10.



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