Death of a plant

RIP Dillicious

RIP Dillicious

This is Dillicious. My plant for the past 2 months. Dill passed away on 9/1/2010. I came into the office and saw him in his current state.  It suddenly remind me that I had a plant and my goal was to keep it alive for as long as I can. EPIC FAIL!!!!

I had forgotten about Dill for a whole week and never bother to give him any ❤ or water. Plants can survive without water but like all things, it cannot survive without <3. As such dill passed on to better place.

I will always cherished the brief time  Dill and I shared together. I gave him water and ❤  since he were a bunch of seedlings bustling with life.  I look forward to see him grow up each and every day. It pains me to see him in his lifeless shell, withered and dried. But deep down in my heart I know that Dill is in a better place now. Somewhere where there’s an abundance of ❤ and water. I wish him the best of luck and I promise to be a better caretaker to my next pet. It will be a rock, and I will call him… Rocky.


One thought on “Death of a plant

  1. HAHAHAHAHA, I forgot I told you to blog about killing your plant. You actually did it too! I don’t think it’s possible for you to kill Rocky, but you better not lose him…

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