What I learned at the 2010 Annapolis 10 Miler

Although the course dictate that you take it easy the first 4 miles and save your energy to climb the last 6 miles. Its not a good idea to go 30 seconds slower than your intended pace. I ran the first 4 with an even split of 8 mpm and by mile 5 trying to pick it up to my target pace of 7:30 was NOT a good idea. The best I could muster was a 7:45 pace.

Lesson learned: Easy pace should only be 15 seconds slower than target pace. Anything else is just too slow and it’ll be extremely hard to get on target.

My goal was to run it at 1:15:00 at a pace of 7:30 mpm
In reality I managed a time of 1:17:17 at a pace of 7:44 mpm

I placed 449 out of 4585 runners.

However it was a course PR for me, besting my 2008 PR of 1:27:35 by 10 minutes and 18 seconds 🙂


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