The best man speech

Thanks everyone for being here today. I know everybody is hungry so I’ll keep it short. At the risk of incriminating all 4 of us I will not disclose any embarrassing stories, you’ve seen how we act around each other, there’s really no need for words. Its just guy love. That’s all it is. Our entourage consist of me, Quin, Khoa and of course the man of the hour, Mo. Now Mo here is an interesting character, he’s the only guy we know that wear sunglasses at night, these aren’t even the one with transitional lenses mind you, they’re SUN…glasses. He’s also the only one we know that somehow got sunburned on his head. But that’s why we hang out with him, he keeps it interesting.

We first met Jenny at one of Mo’s BBQ, there usually aren’t any girls at these gathering, because … well you know… we’re so popular. You can imagine our surprise when Jenny and Diana was in the same room. Save for the occasional giggling we were all on our best behavior. Jenny however seemed bored so she did what any normal girl would do. She took off her jacket and challenged Kang to a fencing match. Now if you know Kang, he’s what we call a weapons enthusiast. He literally have 3 or 4 weapon caches in his condo alone, who know where else he might be stashing them, he might be carrying right now. But back to the story, we were witnessing something special, the self proclaimed weapons expert is being pushed back by a 95 pound girl with her jacket off, wielding the blunt end of a cue stick. At this point Kang did what any guy would do, he went and complained to Mo. I believe it was at this very moment that Mo knew he found the one, someone who can protect him in his moment of needs and keep her pimp hand strong when the occasion calls for it. They started dating from that day on and the rest as you know is history.

Would everyone please raise your glass, I would like to make a toast. It is said that “marriage is not about finding a person you can live with, it’s about finding the person you can’t live without.” I believe Mo and Jenny have found that person in each other. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love for them. Cheers!


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