an honest conversation with my 30 year old self

Hey Mr. Awesome, how are things ? I hope you are where you want to be in life. If not then I want to apologize in advance for the dumb shits I did to held you back. Look!!! at the time it seemed like a good idea. I don’t want to make any outrageous predictions but you’re probably more awesome than I am now. Its OK, I know about the hair situation, don’t wear a piece man, just shave it all off if you ain’t got much left.  Did you get a dog ? you named him peanut didn’t you ? haha hi5. Did it work ? girls like it when you run with a dog right ? I think it make us seem responsible or mature or something. How’s the job ? you should at least have a better idea of where you want to be. Keep fighting the good fight, one day you’ll get there. You should be about be done with school right about now. If not, my bad, I screwed up… again.

It goes without saying that running is still pretty much a part of your life. Did you run Boston yet ? How fast are you now ? getting that sub 20 minutes 5k must’ve been freaking awesome. If you didn’t run Boston yet you better have a damn good excuse. I know we agreed that nothing will take priority over running unless by some serendipitous acts you actually meet someone and fall in love. I know I haven’t really been proactive in the romantic part of your life but it didn’t seem a good idea at the time. I was gung ho at first but after a few failed attempts I gave up and focused on other things. I hope you’re still friends with everyone, bitterness is a hard pill to swallow. Just forgive, forget and move on.  My one regret was not doing enough for that special one that got away, when I did act it was too late, she moved on.  Against all odds I really hope that she glance back and give us a chance. She would be the best thing that happen to you. If it didn’t workout then its ok, we’re still just as awesome as ever.

Sorry I got all heavy on you back there, are you still in Maryland or did you finally take that leap of faith and moved to New York.  If not then make it a priority, I know 2.5 years isn’t much time and I might be asking too much of you but its something we agreed on.  Heyyy!! put down your iphone 6G for a moment and focus man, you can update your facebook status later. Shit… holdon Pez just IMed me… ok where was I ? oh yea don’t be so distracted all the time, be where you are, other things can wait. Give it 100% of your attention, you’ll  be amazed at what a little focus can do.

Well that’s all I have for now. But I sincerely hope that you’ve grown up a bit. Take more chances, get your heart broken a few more times, and most importantly don’t forget to feed peanut.


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