I fucked up

Its been a long time coming but I am finally facing my demons and accepting this as a fact. YES, I am referring to my decision to drop out of college. Its the one burden that keep hanging over my head, I can’t move forward until I face this thing heads on. I’ve learned a few things in my various endeavors over the years but eventually everything leads back to this one unfulfilled aspiration . I need to put in the work, graduate so I can approach life full force without  any regrets.

I will do what I need to to see this through. Even if it means cutting back or stopping all together with other activities that I do now. Its not that I got lazy but I just need to tend to other priorities for now. Once I’ve accomplished what I set out to do I will be back in full vigor. JUST YOU WAIT!!!


3 thoughts on “I fucked up

  1. It is great that you are facing your demons and conquering them once and for all. Good luck with school! Take all the motivation and dedication you put onto the race courses and channel that into your academics.

  2. Gooo Hai! Most of the battle is making up your mind! The rest is just a little sweat….maybe tears. 🙂 Forreal though, dooooo it!

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