2010 Pike’s Peek 10K

GRADUATION. For everyone who participated in MCRRC’s Speed Development Program today’s race was our graduation day. Finally we get to collect dividends on all that hard work during the winter and on the track. Almost everyone I spoke to after the race got a PR. Even my training partner, and that’s after taking 2.5 weeks off and coming back from California still jet lagged. 3 of my other friends also ran it and everyone did great. For 2 of them it was their first ever 10K and their effort was inspiring, besting my first 10K time by over 2 minutes 🙂

Of course I also got a PR. Conservatively I was aiming for sub 47. BUT if its a really good day I want a sub 45. My best  effort put me at 45:32 I am extremely happy about my performance today. Its a 3:52 PR from 2009’s time of 49:24

The plan as suggested by coach Tom was to tackle the race in 3 parts. The first 2 miles I should feel like I am holding back a bit, the next 2 I need to get on my targeted pace and the last 2.2 give it all I have left. I did great the first 2 miles, I felt like I was holding back, after mile 3 I got to my target pace of 7:15 but as I approached mile 4 I slowed down to about a 7:20 pace. At 4 I really tried to make a push for it but it was all for naught, I couldn’t get under 7:20 I held that pace until mile 6 and sprinted as fast as I can in the last .2 mile.

I am able to achieve such a great PR only because of the coaching directions provided by SDP’s head coach Tom Brennan, my  awesome pace group and of course the great weather.

But the race is done and over with. Now the hard part begins. I need to up my weekly mileage to at least 35 miles per week to get ready for the eXperienced Marathon Program startign in July. It will be another long summer of hard training. See you on the trails.

The Men’s results are available at http://www.pikespeek10k.com/results/10pp10k-m.htm

My race info 🙂

269 42/143 1301 Hai Nguyen 27 Laurel MD 46:59 45:32 7:20

and as reported by my Garmin 305.

The crew, 5 strong 🙂



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