Firebirds Mile

It’s not what you could do last year
or twenty years ago that counts –
it’s what you can do today!

The Firebirds mile is a joint clubs event put together by the Montgomery County Road Runners Club and the Gaithersburg Firebirds Youth Track Club. I’ve never done a mile race before so I am curious as to what I can do at my current fitness level. Its also free for club members so why not ?

I arrived at Gaithersburg High School fairly early, around 6:00pm there weren’t too many people around yet. I registered, got my club time chip ($5)  and put my name down for heat #6 with a time range of 5:30 to 6:00 minutes.

There are a total of 8 heats. The first heat is for people with an expected time of 10 minutes or more. The last heat being the open competition for people with an expected time of 5 minutes or lower.

I’ve learned a thing or two after this event. The most important being finding ways to properly warm up to stay WARM!!! I usually learn the hard way so of course I was out on the track cheering on the other runners all the while freezing my butt off. I was getting goosebumps a few minutes before my heat.

It was time for my heat to begin. I was cold and the goosebumps are still there. The gun went off and  I made it around lap one in 1:30 at the start of lap 2 I was still cold and my hands were beginning to freeze. By now I was too distracted by the cold to make a push. Lap 3 was uneventful, I wasn’t even hurting yet. Then lap 4 come around, I warmed up just a little bit so I made a half ass attempt at a push and finish in 6:18

As it stands 6:18 is the best I can do. The club have another 1 mile race in July, I hope to break 6  minute at the Midsummer Night’s mile on Friday, July 09, 2010

After my heat was done I  stayed to watch the men’s open competition final heat. These are the fast guys that usually loop me around the track.  The gun went off and everyone dashed off leaving trail of smokes behind them. The first leader came around lap one in a blazing 1:03 Lap 2 was total chaos, I am not sure what happened but one guy abruptly stopped as soon as he finished lap 1. I later found out he was acting as a “rabbit” pacing for another runner. Lap 2 came around and there was a new leader. He managed to kept the lead for the duration of the race and finished in a flaming 4:19 shattering last year’s course record of 4:34 to pieces.

Overall I had a positive experience. I am determined to train harder to try and break 6 minute in the next race. For now my focus is on the upcoming Pike’s Peek 10K on 4/25/2010.


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