Motorola Droid

My new baby 🙂

Currently running

  • Custom ROM Bugless Beauty by Pete from
  • Beautiful Widget with Skins support (AirportOne skin shown)

I opted out of Verizon’s text plan and use Google Voice for all my SMS needs
I use Seidio’s Innocase for protection and for only $29.95 it makes the phone even more sexier 😉

Another thing I want to mention is SNESOID, the best freaking Super Nintendo emulator ever. You can relive all your childhood memories with this app, get it from the market and search for roms online, you’ll be throwing hadoukens, busting out  fatalities and puffing the magic mushroom with Mario like the badass gamer you are in no time.

I also have 2 Google Voice invites available, drop me a line if you want one.

Bugless Beauty

Bugless Beauty


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