People are nosy!

Why is it that when there is an accident in the opposite direction, traffic seems to come to a complete stop on BOTH sides ? Well I’ll tell you why. People are effing nosy, not the ones that can’t help it because the accident happened in their direction. There’s nothing they can do but wait it out and allow the local emergency response team to promptly do their job.

Its not them I have a problem with. Its the people on the opposite direction, the same freaking direction that I am travelling toward.

Oh hey what’s going on ? why are people on the other side slowing down ? OMFG someone got in an accident, well shooooo I’ll slow down a bit to see if I can see anything good ? yea I think that’s exactly what I’ll do. Never mind the people driving behind me, its not like they got anything important to do.”

What do they expect to see anyway ? do they expect the person on the stretcher to get up and wave, thanking them for their concern and its ok for them to keep on driving

no really I am fine, gosh thank you, you can go on with your business”

I swear the next time I see people slowing down and there are NO accident in front but rather in the opposite direction. I would get out of the car, walk up to them … omfg so did you guys see anything good ?


look at that shit



What ? I didn’t say I wasn’t nosy. Its human nature, get over it!


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