I went for a trial run on the Appalachian Trail this morning with a few MCRRC members. I had no idea what I was in for so I rested and slept early Friday night to prepare myself for this run. Let me just say that this was the HARDEST run I had ever did ever since I started running. That’s right I had to bold and underline that so you can see how serious I am.

Trailrunning is NOTHING like road running.  There are rocks, branches, roots, leaves,  and everything else that are around to make your run as memorable as possible. One misstep and you’re in for a hurting, your race might even be over.  I tend to zone out in most of my races but today I was completely focused on the trail. Even so I must’ve twisted my ankles at least 6 times.  It is extremely hard to run with all the rocks and leaves on the trails, especially when you have to run downhill. The leaves make it very slippery to traverse the trail. We went out for 13 miles and 3 hours 17 minutes later we made it out of the trail.

I am glad that I made it out for this practice run, at least now I know what to expect on November 21st. There were 2 very big hills that would’ve broken me  if it was my first time seeing it. I think I am now better prepared, come race day I will walk it up those hills and take it relatively easy on the trail, run what I can and walk the treacherous part. There are still 35 more miles to go after we get off the trail. What the heck have I gotten myself into ?



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