Run for fun

Lately it had come to my attention that I’ve taken this running thing a little too seriously. I was no longer enjoying it, and it became another source of stress.

I used to be very lively during races,  I’d strike up conversation with other runners and listen as they share their stories of how they got involve in running.  Each and every individual story’s was unique.  Their reason for running may vary from runner to runner but everyone find it a welcomed change of pace and would like to keep at it.

Of course qualifying for Boston is on every serious runner’s mind. But its also important not to let it take over your whole reason for running, be realistic, set goals to get there. Don’t let it seem like a chore, have a little fun, talk to other runners, it will make the experience much more enriching.

With that being said I will run my next race with a different mindset. I will not run it for time but for the stories and enriching experience. 50 mile is a LONG way to go without talking to anyone.



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