My 2009 Baltimore Marathon Race Report

Being the competitive douche that I am, I came to the starting line with 2 plans in mind. Plan A was to run the best race I could and try to break 4 hours. If that fail, plan B was to trip Amanda with about 100 meters left at the finish line and take the WIN.

The first 3 miles were an incline of roughly 365 feet. Normally my instinct would be to charge it and deal with the consequences later. But today, I went against my instinct and decided to listen to Sunny, our supercoach. We shuffled through the first 3 miles at a 9:53 pace. Mile 4 through 16 is downhill and flat so we picked up our pace to around 9:05 and 9:07

We got through the half way point at 1:59:53, that gave us enough motivation to realize that maybe we could do this. But alas, mile 20 came and all that motivations were gone, I felt like crying at 21 and seriously doubt that I could finish within 4 hours. It was at this very moment that I looked within myself to find something that would help me pull through. The first thing that came to mind was “omg just trip her now and get it over with” That didn’t seem right so I had to dig deeper and finally it came to me. “What would Sunny do ?”

First she would probably tell me to quit whining like a little girl and follow it up with a swift smack to the head telling me to man up and just DO IT. (btw. Sunny isn’t violent, but I needed to make it dramatic to help me pull through) The hills kept coming and I swore that if I see another hill I would curse the next person that pass me. Of course Amanda then decided to breeze by right beside me and goes “What hills ?” I raised my eyebrows and gave her the dirtiest look I could muster. She got the hint that I was tired, grumpy and am in no mood for friendly banter. (I am sowwie Amanda, forgive me ?)

My aggression was caused in part by the half marathoners that joined us half way. They were making it so hard for us to keep our pace, our only choice was to weave through them one by one. At mile 23 there was this lady that decided to give us her rendition of “freefalling” over and over again. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her singing wasn’t helping anybody at all and maybe it would help if she knew more of the lyrics, you can only take so much freefalling. That was enough motivation for me to run away from her to keep my eardrum from bursting.

At mile 25 I was in so much pain that the only way to make it stop and make my time was to sprint like I had to pee and make my way to the finish line asap. I made the final surged and crossed the finish line with the clock showing 4:00:10 I smiled and realize that I had broken 4 hours and didn’t need to trip Amanda after all.

2009 Baltimore Marathon

2009 Baltimore Marathon

Some of the mile splits didn’t record time because I screwed up my D-tag like an idiot 😦

Our GB Support Team

Our GB Support Team

This was us after the race and meeting up with our GB suppor team 🙂


5 thoughts on “My 2009 Baltimore Marathon Race Report

  1. I love reading your blog! I was one of the half-marathoners you probably elbowed past, but I give you HUGE props for running the whole thing in under 4! I’ll keep reading for inspiration to one day run a full marathon. Thanks for blogging!

  2. That is a fantastic time! You sped up during the second half?! I was another of the half marathoners crowding the course on the second half – I knew I couldn’t complain of being tired on the course what with you marathoners running twice the distance as I. Bravo on making you goal and running so fast! Good luck at the Marine Corps!

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