2009 Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5k

Official results available at http://www.charmcityrun.com/eventResults.cfm?eventid=881

The pace is completely off. I used the pace calculator provided by CoolRunning.com @ http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/4/4_1/96.shtml

I signed up for this race with the hope of breaking 22 minutes, putting me at a 7:05 pace, which is ultimately the pace I need to qualify for the Boston marathon. Its nice to have goals 🙂

I’ve been putting in 2 weeks of hills workout to help improve my time and as a way to prepare for the Baltimore marathon. I was confident that I can make this happen and 22 minutes was within grasp. This false sense of confidence was made under the assumption that the 5k course is flat. I was WRONG!

By the first mile I realized that 22 minutes was not gonna happen. I hit mile 1 at a 7:30 pace. Most of mile 1 was uphill with a max elevation of 559 feet. With 2 more miles to go I resolved to do the best I can and at least beat my last 5k time of 24:44

Mile 2 came and go and the rolling hills took its toll on my legs. The hills from mile 1 to 2 was in the range of 500 feet. I tried my hardest to stay under 8 minute pace.

Mile 2 to 3 was a devastating climb from 308 to 501 feet. I sprinted when I saw the finish line but because of the walkers I had to come to a complete stop, avoid them and start sprinting again. I finish with a net time of 24:04 which is a good 40 seconds off my previous time.

I came in 61st overall, out of 394 runners. I placed 20/61 in my age group. All in all it was a good race. I will have to train harder next time to break 22 minutes. Note to self: sign up for a flat 5k!

My run is also available via Garmin @

One thing I must mention about this race is that the premiums are AWESOME, everything from the long sleeve running shirt and hat to the random items in each of the goodies bag. I will definitely consider doing it again next year.

Our Running Crew

Our Running Crew 6 strong


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