Run like a douche


Topless Douche!

That’s me at the 2009 Annapolis 10 miler 🙂 It took me a while to find it too, turns out it was in the Douche folder aka Lost & Found cause my bib wasn’t visible.  I am sorta glad I found but also a bit surprise that there are countless others topless douche beside me 🙂 Doucheness ftw!!!

See what had happened was, I was coming off a badly sprained left foot and after a 2 weeks hiatus I decided again’st my better judgement to just run it anyway.

I realized this was yet another bad decision around mile 4 when the pain I had been experiencing on my left foot showed itself.  I went out hard hoping to get it over with before the pain can set in, yet again another bad decision 🙂 I tried to ignore it as best I could and shuffled to the finish line.

Needless to say I did not beat my time for last year.

not happy :(

not happy 😦

I’ll take it for what it is.

Since not much was going my way I figured I might as well run it comfortably and took off my shirt around mile 5. But did you notice what I did there ? I carefully tied my shirt around my waist to conceal the muffin top that developed when I didn’t do much running and ate myself to happiness.  With the MF carefully tucked away under my shirt I merrily shuffled my way to the finish line looking for the Brightroom camera guys so I can give them my best cheesy running pose.

After that Sunday I a week off and iced my foot everyday. I started running again this week and it seem that the pain is gone.

Next on the schedule is the Baltimore running festival on 10/10/2009 which give me about 30 days to get in as much hills work as I can to prepare for the heartbreaking hills of Charm City.


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