I say NO to fist bump

I am making a stand here and now. I realize that fist bumps are the cool things to do now but there’s a fine line between coolness and just overdoing it.  Lets just say I have this coworker whose idea of morning greeting is to prance around the office fist bumping whoever he comes in contact with regardless of whatever they might be doing.



Its bad enough that I have to drag myself to work at 7:00AM The LAST thing I want to do is bump the fist of some dude who get in an HOUR later and then having the nerve to prance around with his coffee mug throwing it in everybody’s face that he got an extra hour of sleep while the rest of us chums had to be here so early.

Maybe I am just overeacting out of spite but I am saying no to morning fist bumps from now on.  The next time he comes to my cubicle expecting a fist bump dude is in for a surprise. NO MUTHER@$@%@$ How about I bump ur face with my fist ? @%)&)*@#%$@#$


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