I want that medal

Truthfully the only reason I signed up for the JFK 50 miler was because I heard they gave out a huge medal. This is the same line of reasoning that motivated me to run both Frederick and Baltimore marathon together in the same year. The prospect of an extra third medal was enough to lure me in.

It goes without saying that you don’t just sign up for a 50 mile ultramarathon without properly training for it. After speaking with various runners that have done it before the secret formula seem to be miles miles and miles. I need to run run and run some more. The extra mileage will give my body a chance to adjust so I’d be able to actually finish the race within the alloted time of 12 hours.

The one main contributing factor to me finishing my first marathon last year was the group training with MCCRC’s FTM program.  Being very new to running I learned a lot from the coaches and more experienced runners. I learned to stop at EVERY water stop and take a gatorade, pace myself correctly for a strong finish and most of all running should be fun, if you’re not enjoying it, its not something worth pursuing. Sure every now and then you’ d want to step up and go for that PR but keep in mind that running should help relieve stress not add to it. So what if you didn’t make your time, accept it and try harder next time.

With that being said I am beginning to take my training more seriously. My weekly mileage were lacking and at that rate I was in for a world of pain at JFK. The magic number seem to be 50+ miles per week. More is always better but if I can at least manage 50 miles per week, I’d be able to finish. In order to keep track of my training and motivate myself I’ve even created a spreadsheet for it. (See told you I was serious, I made a freaking spreadsheet) You can track my ongoing progress @ http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tXsh2G8xAdQwlmlmdceRyBQ&output=html

This post didn’t seem right without a picture so BAM.

FTM 18 Miler

FTM 18 Miler

This was our point to point 18 miler on Sunday 8/9/2009 starting from Grovesnor Metro Station to Union State. It was HOT, I fell apart at mile 17 due to cramps on my left calf but I manage to sucked it up and shuffled my way to Union Station.


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