Pike’s Peek 10k 2009 race report

 Preliminary 2009 Men’s Results
Preliminary 2009 Women’s Results

So there I was lying in my bed, tossing an turning. All I could hear was the incessant chirping of birds outside my window. chirp chirp chirp …  Why the heck did I leave my window open ? It wasn’t that hot and I know those damn birds would wake me up. Then it hit me, omg I actually planned this  and intentionally left my window open so the birds would wake me up early enough for the Pike’s Peek 10k today. I have an instantaneous reaction to the sound of my alarm where I spring upward, extend my left arm and index finger just enough to hit the snooze button and roll right back into bed. The plan worked out beautifully, it was 5:30 AM and sure enough, the birds were there.

I had been training all winter the for Frederick Marathon on 5/3/2009, Pike’s Peek was a little preview to see if my training paid off. Last year I ran it in 57:09 at a pace of 9:12 minute per mile. My goal for this year was to make it under 50 minutes.  For the first 2 miles I was cruising along at 7:30 minute pace. I kept checking my garmin to see if it was malfunctioning, to my surprise I really ran at that pace. This is huge for me, I was training at an 11:00 minute pace.  I’ll never figure out how I did it but just felt really good that it happened.  

In order to make my goal time I needed to keep a pace of 8:03 minute per mile. The first 2 mile felt easy but knowing that I need to conserve energy for the last half, Islowed down to an exactly 8:00 minute pace and went along merrily in my own little world thinking to myself “OMG I AM FREAKING AWESOME 7:30 PACE RAWRRRRRR!!!!” I might have let out the RAWRRR!!! a few times, if I remembered correctly there were a lot of awkward vibes as the runners around me were giving me that “SHUT UR TRAP” look. IT was hot and they were tired so I hold no ill feeling towards them.

The main strategy I wanted to try today was to not stop at any of the water stop. I made sure I was well hydrated enough before the race so I would be able to push the pace the whole distance. Its extremely hard for me to stop for water and start back up again. I always walk more than I want to and that end up costing me a lot of time.

I didn’t have to run the race by myself this year, I was able to con…vinced 2 of my friends to do it also. My training partner is just as crazy as I am so she was definitely in, we both had different time goals, it was a little weird not running along side her but its just something every runner have to do. Run at your own pace.  We BOTH made our time goal. I finished in 49:24 at a   7:57  pace and she made her’s with over 2 minutes to spare. This is a huge confidence booster, we’ll be heading off to Frederick next Sunday ready to take it on. John & Amy just wanted to finish and they seemed to really enjoyed it. Still trying to talk them into a marathon 🙂

One complaint I have about the race was that they failed to let us know that only the first 250 people can get the beanie hat. I really wanted a beanie, I signed up before the February deadline. But I was denied the hat when I came to packet pickup 😦 Other than that the race was well coordinated, I really like the beach towel, I have enough shirts, don’t really need anymore.


The four of us after the race.

The four of us after the race.

Frederick HERE WE COME!!!


2 thoughts on “Pike’s Peek 10k 2009 race report

  1. Bravo!! No bad at all! I ran the half and can’t imagine how you guys ran 26.2 miles in the rain! I guess on the upside it wasn’t too hard to stay hydrated — this must’ve been one of the only races where it was hotter at the starting time than at the ending time. The 6:30 a.m. start was rough!

    Incidentally, I’m watching “The Biggest Loser” right now and the four finalists are running a marathon. WOW!

  2. Thanks 😉 Yes 6:30AM starting time was crazy. We ALL deserved our medal for toughing it out in the rain and finishing our race.

    Marathons seem to be the new national past time.

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