the race day

Hellooooooooo… he screamed from the top of his lung, hoping for a response from anyone nearby to acknowledge his presence. Nothing, saved for the faint rustling on the sidewalk as squirrels and birds hurriedly scavenge for food. HellloOOOoooOOOOOooo… this time varying the pitch of his voice to see if it make a difference. Again, nothing was heard except the vibration of his own echo.

Panic begin to set in as he realized that he might be alone. He looked at his watch, its 5:30AM on a misty Saturday morning. A confused look begin to form on his face as he lowered his right brow and puckered his lips while bringing up his right index finger tapping it on the right side of his temple wondering why there aren’t anyone here yet. Isn’t it today ? someone should be here by now, its not that early. He paced back and forth with the same confused look on his face, unable to stay silent for long he let out another helooooooOOOOooooOOOooo, this time adding in two CaaaaAAAAAw cAAAaaaawww for extra measure.

Almost 2 minutes past by and again nothing …. wait, sound like someone from the apartment complex a few blocks down just cracked their window. FOR F*CK SAKE STFU ALREADY… THE RACE IS TOMORROW DUMBASS!!! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!!! @#%@#%@ @#$@#!

~the end


2 thoughts on “the race day

  1. Way to go! That’s an amazing time. You didn’t mention anything about how dog hot it was! Baking hot. They ran out of water by the time the slower runners came in. I didn’t get the beanie either, but they gave me the red t-shirt instead, which was nice. Good luck in Frederick.

  2. Thanks. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I was elated that I made it in under 50 minutes. Never really considered myself a fast runner so it was huge for me 🙂

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