PS3 Media Server

I’ve been looking for a mean to stream movies from my PC to PS3 which I mainly use as a bluray player.  I came across Tversity via a google link but after a few runs with it I was not impressed.  Tversity was not able to recognize the subtitles in  the movies I tried.  I watch a lot of foreign movies and the ability to display subtitles is a must have feature for me. There are guides posted on forums on how to configure Tversity for it to display the subtitles but none seemed to work for me, perhaps a user error 🙂

Unhappy with the results, I scoured the net for an alternative and sure enough there are other users out there also fed up with the same problem. Someone actually took it personal and wrote the awesome PS3 Media Server ( , I was  surprised by the simplicity of it all, I was up and running within 5 minutes. 

There are no codecs packs to install, no extra steps needed to get subtitles to display, everything work as is out of the box.  Since it’s written in Java, it also work in Mac OSX, another plus 🙂

Set up was as easy as ever, install the software package for your operating system, run PS3 Media Server, make sure your PS3 is turned on, PS3 MS will automatically look for the PS3 on your network and will alert you whether the unit was found or not.  

Adding media to be stream to your PS3 is also extremly easy, just click over to the Navigation/Share Settings tab and add the folders where your movies are stored. My PS3 is connected via WIFI and  there are no problems with lag.

Add media to play

Add media to play

 Once the folders are added you can browse the content from your PS3 by navigating to the Video tab and click on PS3 Media Server.

I am very impress with the features so far and the developers are still very active, I am looking forward to the plethora of new features that will be added. I donated to encourage their effort, if you find it useful, perhaps a small donation would give them that extra motivations to make it even better.

PS3 Media Server

PS3 Media Server


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