More OSX86 goodness

As I find my way around the OSX86 community I’ve stumbled onto a lot of great resources that enabled me to learn more and more about this great OS.

1. The first great articled I’ve read that expanded my knowledge about OSX86 is The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86 written by PcWiz. You can read it at

2. For a history of the OSX86 scene you can look at the wikipedia article available at

3. Last but not least,  the flowcharts created by dahmooser over at the PcWiz forum really solidified my understanding of how things actually work.

The articles can be perused at

If you’re lazy I’ve attached the 2 flowcharts for your viewing pleasure below.


OSX Layers

OSX Layers

How OSX86 Works

How OSX86 Works


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