Useful OSX86 Hackintosh Tools

Its been about two weeks since I’ve successfully installed Leopard 10.5.5 on my PC. Since then a new update was released 10.5.6 I’ve tried to update 3 times and failed. I had to restore my system using Time Machine. After the update Leopard refused to boot, I tried booting with the -s flag but it hangs at “Still waiting for root device” It’s something to do with my SATA hard drives. As of now I still haven’t figured out a workaround for this yet.

Save for the unsuccessful update attempts Leopard is working great. I find myself spending all my time on it. I only go back to Windows XP for an occasional gaming sessions now and then.

OK, to the good stuff. The support community at InsanelyMac is a great place to learn new and useful things everyday. One of the things that kept me back from trying new hacks was the complexity in dealing with the terminal (command line) commands. Fortunately the great people at IM saw this and took it upon themselves to create GUI for these complicated processes.

The one tool that I’ve come to regard as the swiss army knife in my hackintosh arsenal is OSx86 Tools Utility

OSX86 Tools Utility

OSX86 Tools Utility

Almost any tasks/hacks available are covered by this tool. See for a more detailed listing of what this tool offered. I mainly use OSX86 Tools to install kexts for my hardware, ie sound, video card.

For sound I use Taruga’s AppleHDA Patcher version 1.20

Apple HDA Patcher 1.20

Apple HDA Patcher 1.20

You can get it at

See for more info on how to use it.

To install you need to find the codec dump for your soundcard with the correct vendor & device ID, then drop it into the tool and voila you’re done. Don’t forget to install AppleHDA.kext afterward.

For my video card I used EFI studio. NVinject is another viable choice but EFI studio give you more options.

EFI Studio

EFI Studio

Download this tool at

Using EFI Studio my Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512mb video card was perfectly recognized by Leopard. With NVInject I had some problem with the VRAM being correctly set in the info.plist file. This could be because I don’t know how to edit the file. EFI Studio does this automatically so I prefer it over NVinject.

Another useful tool for updating or RTC for preparation to update to 10.5.6 is the DSDT Patcher by PcWiz

DSDT Patcher

DSDT Patcher

Download it at

For more info go to


5 thoughts on “Useful OSX86 Hackintosh Tools

  1. I had the same issue “Still waiting for root device”, when installing OSX on my old desktop last week.

    I’ve fixed it by changing two things.
    1. I set the sata drive as primairy master (instead of secondairy master).
    2. In the BIOS i have configured my SATA drive in “Compatible P/S ATA mode”.

    After these changes, the drive worked like a charm.


  2. waiting on root device means that you need a chipset driver loaded for your motherboard, load the install dvd, and on the customise bit, untick osx86 base system, and only tick the chipset driver you need, will install in 1 minute

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