i am not smrt

This is news to me. As I’ve always consider myself an intelligent soft spoken manboy. OK maybe not, those that know me are wearing that confused look on their face as they read the last sentence. “Are you sure ? I always thought u were an idi.. I mean nice guy ” 

Part of growing up is coming to terms with your shortcomings and work at it everyday to better yourself, or so I heard. My list of shortcomings is too long to list here but the one thing that’s been pestering me is my subpar book smart. I have common sense but that alone won’t get me to anywhere worth going. 

I can think of a few reasons as to why I am in this predicament in the first place, one of it is my inability to commit to anything worthwhile. As such I don’t really know much at all about anything. Another is my extreme laid back (lazy) approach to life. But the real reason is my addiction to funtime. My parents call it “bở học, ham chơi”.

It started in my college years with Warcraft, yes I was an addict. I’ve been getting better but perhaps I am still haunted by my decision to drop out during sophomore year. I’ve been working full time since 2005. Work was required but had I been ambitious I could’ve worked full time and continued school. Nope, I worked and devoted my time to fun. 

I’ve been having way too much fun. There’s a time and place for everything, especially now I need to put aside fun time and get serious about my education. I want more $, I won’t be able to survive on what I make now later in life. Without an education I know I won’t get very far.

So I’ve decided to make time for more worthwhile endeavours and put fun time in the corner. But make no mistake that when I feel that I am where I want to be, fun time will be reinstated in full force. Wheeeee!!!


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