rub salt on an old wound

I got an email today with a link to my “virtual certificate” for finishing MCM. Why oh why ? do I keep getting reminders of this traumatic experience. My legs cramped and I swore an old man in his 70s was chugging right past me at mile 20 as I stopped to massage my calves. The old dude had the nerve to give me a thumb up and nodded his head in disgust, what an ASS!!!  I am forever tormented by the experience, the mere mentions of marathons got me looking down in shame. However for what its worth the certificate looks kinda nice so I included it below. 

I hate you old man

I hate you old man with the thumb up

 MUST BEAT 5:08:03 or I won’t be able to live this down.

The email was NOT helping my cause. I forsee myself watching a lot more TV from now on. Why ? because of this article I heard the 3rd season of Heroes is pretty good, House is another good show ? or that Sarah Connor chick ? damn it I suck!!!


One thought on “rub salt on an old wound

  1. Ignore other runners. Run the best race YOU can. Use this race as a learning experience. Set your next goal and work towards it.

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