Kenya dig it ?

Recently it occurred to me that I am not very gifted athletically. Be it tennis, basketball, or even soccer, I seem to equally suck at just about every sports. So what’s a guy to do ? give up ? or delude himself into thinking that he might be good at something ? I chose to delude myself and set out to find the easiest thing to do that resemble a sport. Running. Most people chose running for its elegant simplicity but not me, I chose running because its the easiest thing I could think of.

There’s not much to it really, you just run until you get tired. Simple enough. But all is not well, every sports has it heroes and running is no different. The bane of every runners are those darn Kenyans. No matter how good you are you just cannot beat a 5’4″ guy that weigh about 110 pounds. I can usually pick out the winner of each and every race I participate in with almost 95% accuracy. Yes it will most likely be that 5’4″ Kenyan running machine.

Samuel Wanjiru

Samuel Wanjiru

Take for example, the guy in red above. Yea him, that’s Samuel Wanjiru. He’s 21. Current holder of the half marathon world record with a time of 58:33. That’s freakishly fast. I think he also got a gold medal or something in the Beijing olympics. Don’t ask why that Asian guy is in there, as far as I know Asians don’t really run, or do anything athletics for that matter. We’re content sitting at home reading our math books and eating our rice.

Yes as it stands the Kenyans are the superstars of the running world, every runners I know try to channel their “inner Kenyan” as they run but you just can’t beat the real thing.

As for me I got a better plan, I am short enough, I just gotta drop a few pounds then maybe, just maybe I can run just as fast as them. Soon enough I’ll become world famous and other Asians will look up to me and say to themselves “WOW, if he can do it then maybe I could too. Tomorrow though, there’s math homework to be done and rice to be eaten.”


2 thoughts on “Kenya dig it ?

  1. You really need to study running history before you make the kind of uninformed statements in this post. Don’t think Asians can run? Look at the tradition of long distance running in Japan (e.g., ekiden). ever hear of runners like Mizuki Noguchi (2004 Olympic gold medalist), Toshihiko Seko (winner, Boston Marathon, former world record holder), or Zhou Chunxiu? Finally, Samuel Wanjiru was the first Kenyan ever to win an Olympic marathon.

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