Driving at 6 in the morning

So there I was, driving by myself to Shady Grove metro station at 6am. There were almost noone else on the road. I’ve come to appreciate these quietscent Sunday morning drives as it give me time to reflect. Mostly about things of utmost importance like why the hell did I not gas up before leaving today ? or whether shorts shorts really make you a faster runner. 

Music put me in a good mood and keep me awake on these early morning drives. As I was in deep thought pondering the significance of shorts shorts I caught sound of this interesting opening melody of the current song that was playing from my “summer 2008 awesome mix” cd, I took an interest and devoted my attention to the song.

The song was “Say” by One Republic. The first line I heard was Ryan Tedder asking if I knew “where my heart is ? ” and whether I “can find it ?” Or did I “trade it for something, somewhere” and its “better just to have it”. 
I wasn’t really expecting such a heart to heart conversation so early in the morning but it was Ryan asking so I indulged his curiosity. No Ryan, I am not sure where my heart is, I guess if I wanted to find it I can probably feel it out. Its either on the left or right chest, I always get it mixed up. Why would I trade it ? Hell yes its better to have it, you kinda need it to live and all.

As soon as I replied, he went on asking …

“Do you know where your love is
Do you think that you lost it
You felt it so strong but nothings
Turned out how you want it “

Obviously I misunderstood his question, I have a tendency of always taking things for its literal meaning. But from these questions Ryan had me at his mercy. Yes I once had feelings for someone but got shot down so now its long gone, I did felt it “so strong” but like he said, it didn’t “turned out” exactly how I “want it”.

Yes Ryan, I am “a lonely soul” and its because I “won’t let go… of anything” I hold. I wish that I could be like you and proclaim to the world that “all I need is the air I breathe… and a place to rest my head” 

By this time he was dangerously hitting all the crucial emotions I had been going through for the past few months so I got defensive and told him off. YOU KNOW WHAT RYAN, you don’t F*CKIN KNOW ME MAN, just because you STOP & STARED and told your girl that its too late for her to APOLOGIZE doesn’t mean you F*CKIN know what I am going through. As I finished my last thought I promptly hit next to avoid having to talk to this asshole again, I was greeted with Ryan’s lament of him “holding on a rope
that “Got [him] 10 feet off the ground”…



Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - apparently all he need is air and a place to rest his head.


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