So I run

I made a bet with myself that I could run 5k within 20 minutes. I even signed up for a local 5k race to make it official. Currently I run 3 days a week at Centennial Park in Columbia Maryland. 

My training ground

My training ground. Centennial Park, Columbia Maryland

Each lap around the lake is roughly 2.4 miles. This was the very lake that put me to shame when I first picked up running. Half way out and I was done for. After a while I started to be able to do a whole lap and now as part of my marathon training I put in 4 laps per run, 3 days a week. 

My fastest lap around the lake is currently 20:15 I have some work to do before I can do 3.2 miles (5K) in 20 minutes.  The race isn’t until September 27, 2008 so I have a little under 3 weeks to put in my best training efforts. I need to be able to run a 6:26 pace and finish a lap within 15:26 if I am to make my goal. This is  no easy task but I will give it my all.


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