I concede

I am not one to give up without a fight but there are battles that cannot be won. The battles fought for this particular war are hair raising. I am of course talking about my epic battles with baldness. It has been a losing war ever since I started college. Somehow, somewhere a long time ago, before I was born, the Fates got together and decided to give me baldness to even out all my other awesome qualities. I’ve spent the past few years lamenting my hairless fate but I think its time I own up to it and accept it. Unlike other chums I will not resort to hair restoration methods. Bosley, Rogain, Pubich (may be advertised under a different name), are for men that are in denial. Most of the men I’ve seen clinging desperately to their hairy past are wasting their money. EVERYONE know its a toupee and even if the hair do grow back, they look like they were surgically transplanted from your pubic region. I will not be oblivious to such apparent deformities so I for one will not go under the knife. I cannot in good conscience let these men go on living while oblivious to this fact. I will go out of my way to tell them that it looks like pubic hair. 

Pubic hair

NO matter what.. its pubic hair

 Not that my fate is any better but I think owning up to it is a lot better then hiding from it.

Me with long hair

Me with long hair

This is me with normal hair, well normal for me anyway. Jealous much ? this is back when the bowl cut was in style, yea… As you can see I am not very photogenic, either that or I am never ready on the count of 3. 

Not much hair

Not much hair

This is me now, not a heck lot of hair left. I’ve come to terms with it. This is actually one of the better picture that I’ve taken.


One thought on “I concede

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