I hate dogs

Yes you heard me. I stand by this bold statement. I HATE dogs, why you ask ? dogs are the whores of the animal kingdom. Take a little time to let this statement sink in and you’ll realize how true it is. Sure they’re cute as puppies and I wouldn’t mind petting one or two now and then but they’re gotta learn to respect your space.

As said whores they’re too needy, they always want the be the center of attention, its always ME ME ME. Take for example the simple interaction of the ball throw, sure it was amusing the first few times when he actually brought it back to you. But it gets old man, where’s the excitement ? where’s the adventure ? yes I threw the ball, yes you found the damn ball, wtf do u want ? leave me the f**k alone, damn annoying little thing.

Don’t be fooled by their cheap whores trick when they loyally greet you after a long day of work, this is just a pretense so you would either feel compel/obligated to take them for a walk or throw the ball around at the park. I for one, am not fooled by such ploys.

I prefer cats over dogs. Cats have something I’d like to call pride, they would never stoop to the level of dogs, the whores they are. Cats are not needy, actually they don’t give a shit about you. They’re independent, they got their own thing to do, wtf u threw that ball for fool, if u expect it back u better get ur self a dog, ain’t no self respecting cat gonna retrieve it for you.

Give them a place to do their business, a ball of yarn and maybe scratch their belly a few times and ya’ll get along famously. That’s all there is to cats. No silly mind games, no drama, and no balls. If I ever felt the need for a pet I would get myself a cat. Sure they’re stuckup assholes, but I got no problem with that. They’re a lot better than those needy whores, err dogs.


take that u whore

take that u whore


Let go of me u damn heathen

Let go of me u damn heathen

Look at that jerk, picking on a helpless cat like that. Jerkass!


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