Goodbye Summer

Summer 2008 was truly phenomenal. I got to do everything I wanted to. I took my chances in Atlantic City again at the poker table and came out on top. I made a perfect read on the other player who was trying to draw against my pocket Aces. The flop were all low cards and I want to minimize the chances of his draws so I raised it to $50 (this was at the $1-2 blinds table) It took some deliberation for him to call but he finally put out the chips. I knew at this point my pocket aces were good. He neither re-raised or made a swift call so I put him on a straight draw, there were no chances of a set or trips. The turn came another low card, not happy with his last call so I went all in to push him out (about $100) Again after some deliberation he made the call. The river came a face card and I showed my pocket aces. He begrudgingly mucked and  mumbled “good hand”. My only regret was not having enough chips to do more damage.

The most memorable moments from summer 2008 were from my time spent at Disney World. I couldn’t have ask for a better group of people to hang with and I got to nurture my inner child. Disney is truly a place for kids of all ages.  We visited Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. The first ride we went on at Hollywood Studios was the tower of terror, I didn’t expect such a big drop since I figured it was a ride for kids only. There might be rumours circling around that I screamed like a little sissy girl when the lights went off and we were jerked around like birds in a cage. I neither deny or confirm these rumours, but in my defense the drops were CRAZY. The other rides we went on were true to their kids only reputation so as far I can remember there were no little girls screaming.

Next we visited Epcot, the ferry ride to the park gave us a chance to take in the sights while safely tucked in the confines of our seats. We have done our fair share of walking by the time we got to Epcot, though our feet had enough our curiosity had only just began. We walked around Epcot for a few hours checking out various cultures architecture and cuisines. A friend of our even found a remnant of his ancestors’ glorious past achievements. As he was scaling the pyramid of Teotihuacan our friend then realized that we had already left him to his own device and walked off into another part.

We saved the best for last and went to Magic Kingdom just in time to see the year of a million dreams parade and the 7/4 fireworks. The fantastic parades during the day had all the usual cast of Disney characters, I was in awed as each float passed by, gleefully smirking as I recalled the first time I was introduced to them. NOTHING will ever be as awesome as the first time I saw Aladdin and subsequently entranced by the fantastical magic carpet and the blue genie. Robins Williams MADE that movie.

Then came the fireworks, set against the backdrop of the infamous Magic Kingdom castle, it was an hour long of pure eye candy. Time ceased to exist as we were treated to the wonderful world of Disney. The complications of being an adult were tucked deep away in a corner of our mind as the simplicities of a curious kid took control. The coolest part of Magic Kingdom were the year of million dreams light show parade. Each float was magnificently decorated with lights from every color of the spectrum.  This trip totally made my summer and I hope that soon I would get to return there again to nurture the inner kid in me that’s always screaming out for attention 🙂


Indecent public exposure.

There was a huge mirror at the timeshare.


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