A little history

My pace over a period of 18 months (March 2007 to August 2008)
Event Name & Course State Date Bib # Final Time Distance (Miles) Pace (Minutes)
Annapolis 10 Mile Run 2008 MD 8/24/2008 3671 1:27:35 10 0:08:45
Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon MD 7/27/2008 1358 2:09:02 13.1 0:09:51
Lawyers Have Heart 10K DC 6/14/2008 370 1:01:15 6 0:10:12
DARCARS Pike’s Peak 10K MD 4/27/2008 2094 0:57:09 6 0:09:31
St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K MD 3/11/2007 2396 0:37:17 3.2 0:11:39

1st race: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5k
Didn’t not train for this at all. Started out blazing fast but burned out 5 minutes later. Finish time and pace was terrible.

I also ran another 5k to support cancer, Lance Armstrong was in it 🙂 the time and pace was terrible, so its not worth mentioning. This race was not officially timed. I believe my time was around 35 minutes.

2nd race: DARCARS Pike’s Peak 10K
I had to race this by myself because noone wanted to do it with me 😦 but it was a recommended race to gauge my time for the MCRRC’s marathon training program. Trained a little bit for this race, goal was within 1 hour. I was happy with my finish time of 57:09 and 9:31 pace. This finish time put me in the 11:20 pace group for my marathon training program.

3rd race: Lawyers Have Heart 10K
I signed up for this before I found about the DARCARS Pike’s Peak 10k. Didn’t really race this, was pacing a friend to finish her first 10K. We finished strong with a finish time of 1:01 and pace of 10:12

4th race: Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon
This is a premier race for my marathon training group, the coaches suggest I run this to gauge my training progress. The course was very hilly. I actually prepared for this. Sufficient sleep paid off. This was a chance to impress myself. Goal was 2 hours but I finish in 2:09 Wasn’t happy with result but a pace of 9:51 was good, a definite improvement.

5th race: Annapolis 10 Mile Run
Another race suggested by training coach, not as hilly as Riley’s Rumble but definitely not an easy course. Goal was 1:30:00 Suprised myself with final time of 1:27:35 and 8:45 pace. My BEST race so far. My training and hard work are yielding some dividends.

New training goals: 5 laps around Centennial Park (Columbia, MD)

3 days a week (Tentatively Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)
each lap is 2.4 miles for a total of 12 miles.

Race info gathered at athlinks.com



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