Annapolis 10 miler

Update: 8/25/2008
Read the Great press coverage of the race by
Touted as one of the nation’s premier 10 miler to race, the Annapolis 10 lived up to the hype. The race was extremely well supported by the volunteers, there were supportive spectators at almost every mile. The course was well planned, I really enjoyed the scenery, felt like I got to know Annapolis more intimately as I navigate through its neighborhood. Saved for the 2 unfortunate roadkills (squirrel & a badger ?) the course was fantastic. The finisher’s premium this year was a microfiber running jacket. I should’ve went with a small, medium is too bulky for my fun size body.

I arrived at the Navy Memorial Stadium at 6:00AM and promptly picked up my bib and champion chip. I spent the extra time taking in the sights and immersed myself in the naval traditions and history. I really enjoyed the brief solitude, for the next 30 minutes I had to whole stadium to myself. So what do I do when I am by myself ? I took a power nap.

My goal for this race was to finish within 1 hour and 30 minutes or better. I’ve been putting more mileage into my training schedule to adapt my body to the extra stress so I can push the last few miles. I started out faster than I should have, around the half way mark I was fatigued, I intended to push the pace around mile 8 but realistically I didn’t push until mile 9.5 I sprinted as best I could to the finish line and by the time I stopped my wrist watch I was ecstatic to see that it showed 1:29:13 Even more surprising was the realization that the time showed is my gun time, my net time was a new personal record of 1:27:35

As I sprinted passed the finish line I was greeted by a nice surprise, there were volunteers everywhere passing out cold towels to the onslaught of finishers. Luckily I finished early enough in this race to be able to enjoy the after race food offerings. There were the usual bananas and bagels, not willing to settle for just bananas and bagels I walked around scouting for more free food and was treated to a huge stockpile of precut watermelons. I also found a line for smoothie 🙂

Overall I had a great time, I would definitely run it again next year. Perhaps I could finish in the top 100.

Official results

At the start of the race

The microfiber running jacket. A10 Finishers premium.

Me prancing to the finish line

Me prancing to the finish line


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