People I admire

The Doers: the ones that set goals and will stop at nothing to achieve it, the ones that stay up until 2am to study so they can move on to a better career and hence a better life, the ones that get up at 5am in the morning to hit the pavement so they can qualify for the Boston marathon, the ones with quiet ambitions and silently work to better themselves each day.  The ones who were born without innate genetic talents and yet instead of complaining they try their hardest with what they were given. These are the people that truly inspire me, their sheer determination and audacity give me hope. Perhaps one day I too will follow in their foot steps. There have been one question that have been looming in my mind, at the core of it all, what am I really made of ? the loser who were too afraid to try or the man that see each day as a chance to better himself.


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