People I hate

In no particular, these are the kind of people that irks me most…

Flaky  – make up your mind, don’t be a victim of variety, pick an option and stick to it, nothing is as you expected, most things require some work on your part to shape it to your liking.

Condescending – what give you the right to look down on someone ? unless you’re 7 feet tall and make a 7 figure salary, you have no business talking down to anyone.

Braggarts – no matter how good you are at what you do, trust me, there’s someone out there who can do it better. Its better for someone to recognize your good qualities without your help. There’s something to be said about humble modesty.

Knowing the type of people I hate perhaps I should share something about myself. I can’t seem to make up my mind whether I am better than this guy because I just am or because of the car I drive 🙂


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