Riley’s Rumble 7/27/2008

MCRRC Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon club race was meant as a tune up for the First Time Marathon program participants. Not really knowing what to expect save for a few horrid recounts of the agonizing hills along the course I decided to test out my training so far to see how much I’ve improved. As expected I completed within 2 hours and 10 mins. The exact time was 2:08:55, I ran the whole race at a comfortable pace, didn’t really feel the need to push hard until the last mile or so. Even with the last mile push I still had enough energy to go a few more miles. My training paid off and if I keep it up, the actual marines corp marathon will be an enjoyable experience. I met a few people along the way and chatted them up as we head toward the finish line. That was the best part of the race, getting to know other people who share the same interest as me and have them to open up sharing their personal stories on how they got into running and why they keep at it years after years. I am truly inspired after talking with them, this is but the beginning of a lifetime affair with the roads. I hope to be doing what i do now long into my 70s.

Me and Jeff a little bit after the half way point


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