Thick skin

It seems that anything worth doing are the things that you fear most. I read somewhere that in order to better yourself you must admit your faults and turn them into strength. A brief self introspection revealed that I have faults in abundance. It should take me a lifetime to work through them all. I believe they call it building character when you learn to weed out the doubts and genuinely try to make a positive change. This require the development of what most successful people call “thick skin”, a state where regardless of the social noise you must remain absolute faithful in your ability to achieve your goal. Past failures will always creep up to remind you where you belong, its best to bounce it against your thick skin and brush it off as it comes your way. You can never take anything personal and leave yourself vulnerable. Look for acknowledgment and recognition within yourself. However, never build a wall so high that you won’t be able to scale back up. Give yourself a chance for happiness and let in those that are willing.


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