New shoes and such…

At my coach’s suggestion I went to RnJ Sports to get myself properly fitted for a good pair of running shoes. So I got to the store, walked in took a look around and asked one of the store helpers if he can help me find a correct pair of running shoes. He was very knowledgeable, he asked what kind of shoes I need and claimed that he will try his best to accommodate my needs. We sat down, I was sitting on a chair and him on a stool opposite of me, he told me to took off my shoes, stand up and bend my knees. He looked like he know what he was doing so I didn’t question his methods and did as I was told. He then proceeded to ask if he could see my gait, I hesitated and thought whether I should show it to him. I don’t think its something that I should show to everybody, a friend later confirmed that my intuition was right. A guy should NEVER show his gait to just anybody. However at that time I gave in and showed it to him, he told me to walk up and down a path in the store while he stoop down and checked out my gait. I was very uncomfortable but played it off and gave him a good show.

After the brief gait encounter we sat down so he can measure my feet to get accurate read of my shoe size, as he was measuring he casually mentioned that “WOW you have REALLY small feet”. So again I was thinking to myself, NO SHIT, I know I have small feet, why don’t you just STFU and do your thing and let me try on a few pair of shoes @W#$@#$. Of course I didn’t say all that out loud, instead I casually laughed it off and agreed with him. Yea that’s not the first time people have told me that. My feet are size 7 and the store only carry size 8 and up. But according to him its good to always have at least 1 inch of free space at the front of the shoes. Also my feet are pretty flat and I have a pretty good stable gait so he suggested that I get neutral running shoes. He brought out 3 pair of shoes, Mizuno, Asics and Brooks. The one pair that caught my eye was the Brooks Glycerin 6. I tried it on and took it for a spin out on the sidewalk, of course the whole time I was testing the shoes he was behind me stooping down looking at my gait.

I decided to go with the Brooks Glycerin 6, I also picked up a few pair of specially made running socks. It would really help my right ankle from crapping out after a few miles. After all I am training for a marathon. I took the shoes out for a spin today and I must say they’re exceptional. The padding really helped relieve the stress on my knees, after 6 miles I felt like I could do 6 more.

Here they are, my new babies.

Hawt huh ?


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